I recently had the great pleasure to meet a Memphis based hardcore band by the name of Chaos Order last month as they played a local show at the Hi-Tone small room.

Neal Bledsoe provides the lead vocals, Jared Filsinger graces the bass as well as some backup vocals, Austin Russell leads in with some guitar as well as backing vocals, and Samual Davidson keeps everyone on beat with the sticks.

They’ve toured all over the United States, released five label-backed records, and yet still remain humble to fact that they are the new face of post-hardcore rock.

Where the hell did this occult band come from?? Memphis! They get your blood boiling and then in an instant gracefully soothe it gently down to a simmer before again lifting the floodgates to your eardrums with progressive rhythms that absolutely ARE NOT meant for the pop listener.

If you like Every Time I Die or Megadeath I’d encourage you to check out the stuff they’ve got streaming on their bandcamp.

They definitely have a more raw sound than what most of the youth today has grown up with, but that’s honestly what attracts me to their music more than anything else.

It just happens to be a plus that these guys have a soft spot for charity as well. Two years ago Chaos Order put together an even entitled “The Stage Dive to Save Lives” to benefit St. Jude Children’s Hospital. They raised over $3,000 with other local Memphis bands backing them, and they are heavy with anticipation to announce the new lineup for this year’s event.

If you would like to sponsor the event, make a donation, or buy some awesome merch for which money will also be donated to St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, check out their webpage, but keep in mind that spots and supplies are limited!

Check out Chaos Order on YouTube or listen to them streaming alongside the best in active rock and local favorites on LocalX Radio or Grit901!

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