Breaking Benjamin group shot during live show.
Breaking Benjamin group shot during live show.

Check off conquering alcoholism from Ben Burnley’s bucket list! The lead singer opened up about his achievement over the past few years when he hopped on Facebook last week to host a Q and A forum with fans via Loudwire.

“Yes…I stopped drinking in 2007,” replied Burnley when one fan asked if Burley wrote Dark Before Dawn sober like he did in Dear Agony.

Burnley gave out fantastic advice to give bands trying to make it in the music business.

“Stay true to what you do. Make sure that it’s fun. The minute it starts to seem like a job, get out. Be your own worst critic and make sure that everything that you are doing is top-notch,” commented Burnley.

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He is now joined on stage along side guitarist Jasen Rauch, formerly of the band Red, who collaborated with Burnley on Dear Agony, Breaking Benjamin’s 2009 album; guitarist/vocalist Keith Wallen, formerly of Adelitas Way; bassist/vocalist Aaron Bruch, from Forever Oeuvre; and drummer Shaun Foist.

A Facebook fan asked which album was the most fun to write and why?

Dark Before Dawn was by far the most fun album I’ve had writing and recording because I did it myself with no interference from anyone, and I did it with my friends who are in the band now,” said Burnley.

Another fan asked the rock star that if music was not his first career choice what he would choose? He said that he was always interested in being an English teacher.

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[youtube ;w=560&h=315]

Burnley has also openly said that his favorite band of all time is Nirvana, and he said that he saw the new Kurt Cobain movie Montage of Heck not once… but SIX TIMES!

Another fan asked how he was feeling health wise.

“Unfortunately, I’ve gotten no answers from the medical community whatsoever, so I’m still very sick and I’ve tried everything I could to get to the bottom of my health issues, but the medical community hasn’t helped me to find the answers. I’m pushing through because it is either lay down and give up or get up and play music for my fans. If I go down, I’ll go down doing what I love for the people I love.”

Dark Before Dawn is set to hit the shelves on June 23.

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(This article has been edited: Ben Burnley’s name was misspelled initially)

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